Валерий Меладзе собрал своих детей под одной крышей
The artist in France staged a family outing to a restaurant.

Valery Meladze daughters: Sofia, Inga and Arina.

Photo: @Instagram ingameladze Inga Meladze

Valery Meladze decided to go on
a strict diet because he managed to gain weight. Proof of his determination, gave the eldest daughter of singer Inga. The girl has posted a photo: Valery is sitting with her daughters in a fancy restaurant in France. And before him on the Desk is a glass of water while the girls wrapped around appetite high-calorie sweets.

“The Pope is a diet for the kids dessert!” signed photograph
Inga. This
company family members. not going as often as I would like. However, fans
Valeria was satisfied that after the divorce the singer was giving the children from his marriage to Irina’s attention. Looking at the Meladze daughters,
definitely say that grievances against the Pope because of his departure left the girls in
the past.

However, despite the idyll, the singer has so far failed to make friends
daughters Irina with her sons, which gave birth to Albina dzhanabaeva.
Therefore the artist have to split myself in two families. By the way, not so
long ago, the paparazzi took Meladze in one of the Central streets of new York, where the artist arrived with the albino. Valery looked incredibly

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