Валерий Меладзе и Альбина Джанабаева переживают кризис в отношениях

Валерий Меладзе и Альбина Джанабаева переживают кризис в отношениях

54-year-old Valery Meladze and his 40-year-old wife, Albina dzhanabaeva last week talked about the fact that soon fans will be able to hear their first joint track called “Megacities”. Before that, the couple together sang songs, although they know each other for 20 years. About his career and family life they shared with OK magazine.

At first Albina said that she feels towards her husband. She admitted she always do what her intuition tells, it is often such that is wrong, but only after a bad experience with the singer concludes and continues to live on. Valery is always very talkative and convincing, he tends to analyze and draw conclusions even before the events, so mistakes are rare. It tends to avoid all sharp corners and make everything right. Therefore, Albina tries as often as possible to listen to the advice of her husband and do as he says. But if intuition suggests otherwise, the woman will make their own way. Her characteristically more emotional behavior, a lot of movement, sometimes even more.

Valery, in turn, shared stories about their family life and the crises that sometimes occur. He believes that after living together for almost 20 years is impossible to do without quarrels and crises in the relationship. Of course, their families are no exception, they’ve all been there. The reason, according to Valery is not the satisfaction of personal life. If someone in the family is dissatisfied with something and decided to put an end to the relationship, then couples counseling will not help. So you should try to make his personal life full and interesting.

Meladze also addressed the subject of haters, which is so common at the moment. Psychologists have long proved that the nasty things that people write in social networks — this story is about these people, such is also the opinion of Valery. Unfortunately, he admitted that he is not fully react to what people write, he can not. He and his wife read the comments, sometimes upset, because it’s their life. On their mood, it can affect, but not always.

Albina finished the interview with a story about how she went from Meladze. Of course she said that all was not as presented in some publications. In fact, she just walked out of participation in the production centre Meladze. It happened not because someone with someone quarreled, and just 1.5 years ago she realized that she wants to develop independently. To choose the team that will be for her as comfortable as possible. The singer never independently sought, initially, to the promotion of her career she worked independently and on the way met people with whom she collaborates to this moment. And with Konstantin Meladze at the moment she has a great relationship, she can always turn to him for help and advice.

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