Valery Meladze admitted that he was ashamed of his father

Валерий Меладзе признался, что стеснялся своего отца The singer open up in a show of Maxim Galkin. Valery Meladze told the story of childhood, when his brother Constantine became awkward for dad. But with age, the sons began to understand the parent.

      Валерий Меладзе признался, что стеснялся своего отца

      On the First channel with the success of the author’s humorous show of Maxim Galkin “Maximmaxim”. Last Saturday the guests of impersonator and showman became famous singers, including Valery Meladze, struck viewers unexpectedly candid confession.

      The famous singer appeared in the category “Karaoke in the car.” Together with Maxim Galkin Valery Meladze performed excerpts from their hits from different years. “I remember our dad when he drove my brother to walk, could walk around town and sing, suddenly began to tell Meladze. – Outside, in public. And my brother was so uncomfortable!”. “What is he singing?”, – I asked Maxim Galkin.

      “One of his favorites, “Tell me, girl, girlfriend your that I don’t sleep at night dreaming about it…” And fools we were little. Say to him: “Dad, dad, why would you sing about us will think we’re crazy!”, laughing continued Valery Meladze.

      He also added that the father told them with my brother when he was young, it was decided to gather companies and walk down the street, singing their songs. The musician admitted that only growing up, she and her brother realized what a beautiful tradition and changed their attitude towards love dad sing while walking around the city.

      By the way, Valery Meladze is also a father of two sons, which gave birth to the former soloist of group “VIA Gra” Albina dzhanabaeva. However, while none of his boys has not shown interest in the work. Youngest son Luke for self-determination is still too small, and the senior coast tends to the technical Sciences. “Kostya is likely to be an engineer or inventor, said in an interview, Valery Meladze. – It is fantastically developed, he is working in this area, he’s well versed in the art”.

      Singer is concerned that the children from his two marriages do not communicate with each other. Valery Meladze, recall, has three daughters from his first marriage with Irina Meladze – 25-year-old Inga, 17-year-old Sophia and 13-year-old Arina. Ex-wife Meladze spoke about Albina Dzhanabaeva

      “To my great regret, daughters and sons are not friends, hardly see, – said Meladze. Is my main goal in life is to make so that they began to communicate.”