Valery Meladze about her daughter: “this wedding is not legal.”

Валерий Меладзе о дочке: «Я эту свадьбу не признаю!»
The singer told about his attitude to the son-in-law.

Valery Meladze


In January of this year, the daughter of Valery Meladze — Inga became a married lady. However, the groom — Nori Verges and the bride, for whatever reasons, not to organize lavish celebrations on the occasion of marriage. The wedding was more than modest with at least invited to her guests. Valery didn’t even privileged to take her daughter to the altar. However, this possibility still is. In October of this year, the young couple had planned to get a second wedding.

Valery told that until you “walk” at the wedding of Inga refuses to recognize it. About this singer said in the live drive show “Drive” on radio station “Autoradio”. “This wedding is not legal. Until we get drunk!” — joked the artist. However, in every joke, as you know Valery shared that they are not very familiar with the darling daughter, but by his actions can judge that he is “a good, trustworthy guy.” Become closer with his son Meladze hampered by a language barrier. Vergis — Moroccan British citizen of Indian origin, which greatly complicates the communication of Nori with the family of his wife.

According to Valery, a wedding reception will be held in one of the European countries. But while Inga husband and I undecided exactly where. But obviously, the wedding will be celebrated with a special scale. By the way, the mentor show “the Voice. The children” said that now his daughter is looking for a toastmaster. One of the main criteria of selecting a host for your wedding is mandatory knowledge of English, as most of those present friends of the couple and relatives from the groom — don’t speak Russian. Valery, by the way, also added that a meeting with son-in-law comes together with the interpreter.