Valery Leontiev’s thinking to say goodbye to the stage

Валерий Леонтьев подумывает попрощаться со сценой

This year, the flamboyant artist Valery Leontiev celebrates 45 years on stage, after which he gave an interview with “StarHit”. He said that he just wants to go on the vacation and wants to do something besides work. He admits that thinking of quitting: “I Feel that they painted themselves.” — says the singer.

Валерий Леонтьев подумывает попрощаться со сценой

In an interview with the artist admitted that he has long been thinking over the rest. If Alla Pugacheva took a vacation for two years and came back with new forces and ideas, Leont’ev would have left the scene and do something else. “People need to relax,” says the artist. “Allan took a break for two years, then came back and did a lot of good. So, the break went in favor. And I still think. Feel drove myself.”

On the eve of the feast Valery wondered, what would his life be if he didn’t go on stage. If he could go back in time, I’d think about another career. “I would turn the clock back and many things were done differently. For example, it would be good to think whether to go on stage. There are many other interesting areas of activity: Oceanography, surgery, literature.” — says Leontiev.

Валерий Леонтьев подумывает попрощаться со сценой

“Events occur, which result in similar sentiments. Call it inner stress. I’d like to go lie down commercials six months and to rethink life. But again, tours, performances, aircraft and so on. Some sort of endless Groundhog day.” Leontiev recognized, answering the questions of the interviewer.

The contractor will not cease to say, forces on the stage he is almost gone. He’d love to take a break and rethink life. Still 45 years on stage — this is not a small date, over the years, which can be fairly Ismatulla. Leontiev admitted that it is continuing its activities more out of a sense of duty to the audience. “Knowing that the posters in the cities, I can’t cancel everything. Stay in shape with the help of such important traits for an artist as self-esteem and self-confidence. These qualities are forced to go on stage in any weather and mood.”

The artist shared with readers his Hobbies, which recently help him to keep fit. “I prefer the writings of the metaphysical.” says Leontiev. He is inspired by the work of Freud, who had heard a very large number of patients. Singer is interested in the structure of the universe, and in particular the opinions of scholars on this issue. The singer’s not looking for answers in religion, as it believes the views of scientists more valuable. Despite the fact that in show business it is fashionable to go into the Orthodox faith, Valery this is not going to.

Already from the 10th of October, the contractor goes with a new tour in the USA, where they will visit with concerts in Miami and Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver, Chicago and new York. His wife will keep him company during the travel and will support the artist.