Valery Leontiev was not allowed in Italian restaurant due to too much costume

Валерия Леонтьева не пустили в итальянский ресторан из-за слишком яркого костюма

For many years signature feature of the singer Valery Leontiev was bright, unusual, extraordinary, outrageous costumes. Their singer wore on stage, but in everyday life do not deny yourself the pleasure to stand out.

Could the 68-year-old singer to think that his extravagant taste will not be evaluated in one of Italian restaurants?

So, the curiosity with a celebrity told a famous restaurateur from Italy William Lamberti: “we Have often been celebrities: Laima Vaikule ran at Alla Pugacheva remember — she liked the duck or the Turkey with apples. A funny thing happened with Valery Leontiev. He did not want to put in the restaurant as he was not dressed according to the dress code: come in something bright and shiny”.

Conflict, fortunately for Leontyev, was settled and the door of the restaurant opened for him. But as they say, the Deposit remained…