Валерий Леонтьев уходит со сцены
Recently, the popular singer Valery Leontiev rarely comes to Russia, settling many years ago in Miami.

Валерий Леонтьев уходит со сцены

It can be seen in Russia only in connection to important events, for example, he recently celebrated the 69th anniversary with a big concert in St. Petersburg. Apparently this concert was the last in the musical career of the artist.

Валерий Леонтьев уходит со сцены

“Lucy, the wife is very sad, for several months, asks him a question: “When you leave the scene tour?” – told family friends. – Because flights, performances take a lot of effort.

In addition, Leont’ev always carefully considering a dance program, not like when everything is made “on the knee”. But Valera is already old, and the wife is worried about his health. Lyudmila is well aware that her husband’s love-but it’s time to think about yourself! He agreed with her, although he will be difficult to make this decision: after all, his whole life was devoted to music…”

Once in an interview with Leontiev has admitted that tired of numerous performances and concerts.

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