Valery Leontiev explained why appeals to foreign doctors

Валерий Леонтьев объяснил, почему обращается к иностранным врачам The actor complained of fatigue. Valery Leontiev told when and for what reason go to the doctor, why drinking the blood of deer the blood and why not satisfied anniversary show.

This year, exactly 45 years as Valery Leontyev performs at the stage. The anniversary of creative activity say quiet fans, but Valery says it’s too tired to hold anniversary show, so as usual non-stop gives concerts and sometimes thoughtfully told reporters, easily answering the most unexpected questions, and mischief – simple.

Recall that the actor many years married to Lyudmila Isakovich, who resides in America. Despite the fact that spouses rarely see together, Leontiev says that his marriage with Lucy is not in danger, because they are the two halves, which become the dream of many. Husband and wife see each other regularly.

But in America Leontiev goes not only to meet Lucy, but also to relax, as well as to physicians. In Russia Leontiev to doctors is scarce for only one reason – doesn’t want his condition became public.

“We see each other regularly: a couple of months I spend in Miami for a little rest, and sometimes like the doctors without fear to read the next day in the tabloids the composition of their blood, and in the summer Lucy arrives in Russia. The rest of the time I’m constantly touring route and run after me absolutely no sense,” – said Leontiev.

Valery Leontiev was born in the village of Ust-USA, Komi, in a family of veterinarians-herders. It is known that in those parts of the local drink deer blood. It turned out that a famous artist had a chance to try what he has absolutely no regrets. On the contrary, considers that perhaps she gave him super powers and energy.

“Drink, even in places where the nomads herd their reindeer, people have no other source of vitamins… Maybe the blood of the deer gave me some energy superpowers, but I don’t want to think about that, not to look like a preacher shamanic cults”, – said Valery Leontiev with journalists.

The artist this year marks 69 years. In the figure of the Changeling Leontiev sees no mysticism, but not without pleasure, joking, remembering the Kama Sutra. “It is the position of a single book, and not the simple: requires good physical preparation and a fairly high concentration. In General, not for the lazy. It’s the same with life. So I will check how I’m in this position – 6 to 9 – ready,” he joked Leont’ev in conversation with