Valery has responded to claims by ex-husband

Валерия ответила на претензии бывшего мужа The actress broke up with the ex-spouse Leonid Yaroshevsky more than 20 years ago. However, the composer and the musician are still offended by it. The man was dedicated to Valeria a book and tell about the causes of the disorder in their family.

      Валерия ответила на претензии бывшего мужа

      This year, the first husband of the famous singer, composer Leonid Yaroshevsky, published the book “Valeria. “Steam” from Atkarsk”, in which he spoke about the early career of the star and lifted the veil of secrecy over the “white spots” from her biography. With him young singer once came from Saratov to enroll in Russian most of the music named after the Gnesins, and now Yaroshevsky insists that it is skillfully exploited. Recently, the musician was a guest of the program “live”, in which he shared his story. Reporters also contacted Valeria and her third husband, to learn their viewpoint on the situation.

      According to Yaroshevsky, from the beginning of a future star very prudent to build their career. “I became a “springboard” to her future, and she to me – this “jump” is very cleverly used,” writes the musician in the book. And this is just one of the many accusations against well-known performer. Leonid does not hide that has a grudge against the actress.

      Валерия ответила на претензии бывшего мужа

      Itself Valery admitted that he had a sincere feeling for the composer. She was fascinated by the young musician who seemed to her a man from another world. His ex-wife star remembers with special warmth.

      “First, young love… He liked me from the beginning. He was something else, seemed intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable. Of course, I was with him interesting. Its establishment is targeted to Orient me in regard to educational institutions where I went… This man from far away and is very good for me the past”, – said the artist.
      Валерия ответила на претензии бывшего мужа

      However, Leonid Yaroshevsky thinks that Valerie betrayed him, starting to chat with Alexander Shulgin. The composer suspected his wife of infidelity. In turn, the actress denies having an affair with the producer in secret in the second half. “I had no relations of an intimate nature with Alexander when I lived with Leonid. Yes, we spent a lot of time together in the Studio. It is clear that the feeling originated, but I stalled on the situation, because I realized that I have no right… Leon has changed. When Alexander appeared, he internally panicked. But outwardly there was nothing to do,” recalls the singer.

      In the program also spoke star husband Joseph Prigozhin. He did not like the book Leonid Yaroshevsky. The man believes that the events that it sets out are described very subjectively. He strongly disagrees with the composer suggests that he wants to return his ex-wife.

      “I don’t want to hurt his feelings but if the feelings are gone, if there is no love? Become successful somewhere on the side, prove that you’re strong, you’re a person… Spoke to, went to Church for confession. She’s not sick of his left. He was around thirty years – the fantastic form… Around you, millions of women, but if you love life, well, you’re a musician, write songs, dedicate her whole album… It’s not betrayal, it is cooled first love. What is he like? The girl gave him his entire youth?” – said Prigogine.

      However, Yaroshevsky denies that it is seeking a meeting with the singer. According to the man, he has nothing to say to the ex-spouse. In turn, Valery is pleased, as events have developed. She believes she did the right thing, deciding to leave my first husband. The artist continues to retain fond memories of Yaroshevskii, but no intention to resume a relationship with him.

      “I did everything right. I am very glad that you was gone,” said the artist.