Валерия Гаркалина перевели в отделение эндотоксикоза
The actor was better.

Valery Garkalin


Valery Garkalin is on the mend, his life at the moment
is out of danger. The actor was transferred from the General intensive care unit
endotoxicosis, — reported in the reference of the research Institute of emergency care named Sklifosovsky. “Garkalin
lies in the fifth house, the temperature to 36.7 in the evening, in the morning of 37.8. First, he was in
emergency intensive care, then in General, now lies in the Department of endotoxemia”,
explained doctors resource RBC.

We will remind, on February 27 it became known that the actor extra
was admitted to the hospital due to bilateral pneumonia. He was connected
to the ventilator. Later, the status of the artist commented
his daughter Nika. As it turned out, was hospitalized Valery Borisovich was of
apartments in Moscow. In the planned tour of the country he was unable to go due to

“Pneumonia is an insidious disease. Dad coughed, and enough
for a long time, even in December.On 12 February he was at home. And I can’t say that
he had a coughing sick person. Yes, had a fever, then she
fell, he again worked seriously and their health not treated. So
sometimes with pneumonia, as explained by the doctors, often. Inflammation
lung (bilateral) became a complication after a viral infection, which he
moved at the very beginning of the year. Caught a cold on tour. He traveled to the Urals, was in
Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg. And there was still sick on 5 January. Then he returned, and
from time to time it recovered, then again I wasn’t feeling well. But as
not cause for concern. I really hope that no complications no more
will. In any case, the worst we have experienced!” assured daughter Valeria