Valery Garkalin has shared his experience of clinical death

Валерий Гаркалин поделился воспоминаниями о клинической смерти The actor told about how came back from the dead. Valery Garkalin nine years ago, almost died. The doctors rushed to do everything necessary to save the life of the star of the film “Shirli-Myrli”.
Валерий Гаркалин поделился воспоминаниями о клинической смерти

The famous actor Valery Garkalin almost ten years ago suffered clinical death. He has performed on the stage of theatre of the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda, when I felt unwell. The artist had to say a monologue, but a second fell unconscious. He was taken to the clinic where she was diagnosed with “atherosclerosis”. According to the actor, he was for three minutes was in a state of clinical death. Garkalin has the courage to tell the Studio program “In fact,” details a difficult period of life.

“Regaining consciousness, something began to change, I was saying goodbye to reality, time and space began to change. I saw a woman, not like any nurse, anyone. Waved to me, and made a sign that it is not necessary to do this, beware. I don’t know who it was, I never saw her,” recalled Valery.

The actor said that after rehabilitation, he returned to hospital to thank the doctors. Garkalin was in the very room where he lay, and she was very small. The actor couldn’t believe his eyes – because then it seemed to him a long corridor.

Valery has remembered that doctor who was in surgery, had behaved with him very strictly. He did not allow him to fall asleep. After the heart stops, doctors had to use a defibrillator to bring him back to life. The actor felt the pain, despite the fact that nothing felt. Garkalin admitted that for some time, and it was like watching himself over the top.

Валерий Гаркалин поделился воспоминаниями о клинической смерти

Experts in the Studio confirmed that Valery is telling the truth and did not deny that sometimes patients something like this happens. The show’s host Dmitry Shepelev asked the stars of the movie “Shirley Myrli”, does he believe that his life is bound to his wife Catherine, who died a few months after this incident. Daughter Garkalin concealed from him the death of his mother

“I suspect that is exactly what happened. Love is a strong feeling there is a part, stretched like a bowstring, nothing breaks. Here such was at us with Katya. Love is what keeps on the ground,” says the actor.

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