Valery Garkalin associate their recovery with mysticism

Валерий Гаркалин связывает свое выздоровление с мистикой People’s artist of the country in March this year was in the hospital, the actor was diagnosed with pneumonia, entered into an artificial coma. Valery Garkalin, for the first time after his illness he spoke about his health.
Валерий Гаркалин связывает свое выздоровление с мистикой

This spring, people’s artist of Russia Valery Garkalin was urgently hospitalized. It all started with a simple cold, which the actor did not pay attention. And the alarm sounded when she had severe asthma. Then in the apartment with him was his assistant, who called the ambulance.

Already in hospital have discovered how seriously ill the actor. He was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia.

Now he feels good, he went back to work, plays in the theatre and in films. About his experiences, he first told the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

“It’s all turned into pneumonia, then bilateral, then pulmonary edema, and heart, and I fell into a coma. I was there 15 days, then somehow came out. But began breathing difficulties, and I have already entered into an artificial coma” – confessed the actor.
Валерий Гаркалин связывает свое выздоровление с мистикой

Knew only the closest – his daughter Nika and her husband. They are day and night were on duty at the chamber of sick and prayed for his health. Doctors managed to save the life of a Garkalin, although he had to undergo a complex rehabilitation – actually re-learn to walk and talk. Now he is doing well and even gained its former weight.

Ten years ago, Garkalin survived clinical death. Then went out of his beloved wife Catherine. A year later, in 2009, he was widowed. Care wife Valery experienced very hard. He still believes that beloved wife, his angel.

In the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Valery said sure, and now he has recovered, thanks to his wife.

“My wife particularly spoke to the heavens and asked about something… I think that if it was not decisive in determining that,” said Valery Garkalin.
Валерий Гаркалин связывает свое выздоровление с мистикой

After the death of his wife Valery Garkalin alone. However, the actor says, than his lack of loved ones – my daughter Nika and her family is always there. The actor Dotes on his grandson Timothy and waiting for each meeting with anticipation. This summer Garkalin is going to expand a country house, to the beloved Timothy was more space.

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