Valeriya Gai Germanika was discharged my daughter from hospital

Валерия Гай Германика выписалась с дочкой из клиники The doctors allowed a young mother to go home the next day after delivery. Valeria Gai Germanicus wished to women who find themselves in the same situation as she is, not to despair. “On the one subhuman God will send one hundred good people,” says the Director.

      Валерия Гай Германика выписалась с дочкой из клиники

      Just before the Director Valeria Gai Germanicus pleased fans and everyone who supported her in difficult times, the happy news about the birth of his daughter Severin. And here again a positive event in the life of a young mother and her newborn baby. Valeria Gai Germanika was discharged from the hospital, which the star happily reported in the microblog. In the picture, made at the time of discharge, in addition to the young mother, her newborn daughter and the doctor Severin, captured fourteen adults and children.

      “This much and even more people were waiting for you! apparently, referring to her daughter, has written in the microblog Valeria Gai Germanika. – Thank you CTA and 68 the hospital, the doctor Yulia Dmitrievna Vucenovic and the midwife Inna Mishukovo for natural childbirth. Thank you to all our friends and family!” In addition thanks to those who supported her in the difficult period of the breakup with the father of her child Lyubushkina Vadim, Valery, a personal example proved that a woman can cope with any circumstances, wished strength to all who got in with similar history. “Mommy, single, never despair! In place of the one subhuman God will send one hundred good help,” optimistic completed his post Gai Germanika.

      Валерия Гай Германика выписалась с дочкой из клиники

      We will remind, the daughter of Valeria Gai Germanika, and her former husband, dancer Vadim Lyubushkin was born on Friday, April 22, in the afternoon. The baby’s weight at birth was 3800 grams, and the height – 53 see the Director gave her daughter his name and patronymic. The full name of the girl sounds so – Severin V. germanica. How reacted to the birth of his daughter father Vadim Lyubushkin, nothing is known. Gai Germanika filed for divorce with her husband even during pregnancy. She was not frightened the status of single mothers. The Director confessed that she and her husband were too different people. Besides, according to her, Lubushkin was not quite honest man. Now Valeria Gai Germanika will be alone to raise two children. The Director has an older daughter, 7-year-old Octavia, which were eagerly expecting the birth of a younger sister. It is worth noting that Valeria is optimistic about the future. Children is happiness, and its never too much. To linger in the decree of the Director no plans. She’ll soon begin work on a new project.

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