Valeria will share a family tradition on Shrove Tuesday

Валерия поделится семейными традициями на Масленицу
In the festive service of the brand “Domik V derevne” singer will reveal all the subtleties and tricks of baking the main Shrovetide treats — savory pancakes.

Валерия поделится семейными традициями на Масленицу


Photo: Yury Feklistov

In anticipation of the beloved by millions of holiday — carnival — brand “Domik V derevne” again comes to the aid of anyone who doubts their “pancake” abilities or just doesn’t know how to bake a ruddy and tasty pancakes. This year, operators “a Hot line carnival” will become a domestic celebrity, singer Valeria and famous chef Konstantin Ivlev.

Everyone can call the hotline from 5 to 18 Feb or to contact the “pancake Affairs, craftsmen and craftswomen” by messenger, and get answers to questions related to the baking pancakes or pancake traditions.

Photo: “house in the village»

“Maslenitsa without pancakes is the same as a wedding night without the bride! — says Konstantin Ivlev, who will be “on duty” in the midst of
Maslenitsa and inspire personal recipes and secrets of all
phoned. — The pancakes should be very diverse: sweet, rich, lace, yogurt. I’ll share my own secrets, help each other. No one should be without tasty pancakes on Shrove Tuesday!»

And then in the post it will replace the singer Valeria, which will also connect the “Hot line” and is happy to share the Shrovetide traditions and favorite dishes of your family. “Carnival for our family – a great excuse to get together, to cook something tasty, spend time mentally. In the history of our family so much has happened interesting and amusing incidents at the carnival! I’m happy to tell you everything, I’ll wait for the call!”—says the star.

line carnival” is open from 5 to 18
February, from 9:00 to 21:00 Moscow time. (tel 88003335464)