Валерия боялась выходит замуж за Пригожина The singer and producer were the heroes of the transfer of Yuri Nikolaev “Honestly”, which frankly told about personal. At the time, Valeria and Joseph Prigogine did not even think to build a serious relationship with each other.
Валерия боялась выходит замуж за Пригожина

Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin live in perfect harmony for 15 years. The couple recently became the guests of the program Yuriy Nikolaev “Honestly,” admitted the host, met thanks to him and his once popular “Morning star”. “We all started with “the Morning star”. I produced, Lera spoke,” recalled Prigogine.

It so happened that the first steps were taken by Prigozhin: he was madly in love with Valeria, but for some reason doesn’t see her future companion of a life.

“When I learned that this lovely girl free, first met her at work. I even in thoughts was not to marry Valerie. Just have not even dreamed of,” said the producer.
Валерия боялась выходит замуж за Пригожина

“And how was I not going to have any relationship with the person I met then. I’m still warm from divorce and did not think about a new relationship. I was never before!” — supported the conversation, the singer.

Despite a rather skeptical look at Prigogine, Valerie soon realized that Joseph fell in love with her ears. It was very confused, she didn’t know what to do with these relationships, how to react, because the singer wasn’t even thinking about a new novel.

What came out of this history, today everyone knows: Valeria and Joseph — a role model for many fans. Despite the fact that no one believed in their feelings to each other, the pair managed to prove that they have true love.

For Valerie Joseph is ready for anything: the producer admitted, because of his wife he changed the way of life. Prigogine has drastically revised diet, recently gave up meat and took off the extra pounds. The singer in 50 years looks amazing. The celebrity said: she’s not obsessed with appearance, it’s just no time. The singer it’s simple: sport, healthy eating, less stress, cosmetic procedures.

And recently, Valeria said that she was pleased with the figure much more than a student, she feels confident.

Valeria: “In 50 years I am no longer ashamed of my body!”

“If we talk about the figure, I think I’m in better shape than in my student years! Then I had those extra pounds, and with them uncertainty. Don’t consider myself perfect, but reasons to be ashamed of my own body I have. To excellence need to strive for, and it is hard work. I’m ready to work”, — admitted the singer.