Valeria stripped on the red carpet

Валерия разделась на красной дорожке The singer appeared in a provocative outfit. Valery was among the celebrities who shone at the second day of the scale festival “Heat”. The singer has appeared in a transparent dress under which you could see the swimsuit.

Now in Baku in the midst of a festival of “Heat”, which is attended by many Russian celebrities. In the Azerbaijani capital of about thirty degrees, so the stars have to consider this factor when choosing outfits. Celebrities appear at social events in open clothes of light shades in the latest fashion.

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On the second day a Grand event one of the main characters of gossip became the singer Valeria. A celebrity appeared on the red carpet in a transparent dress, under which I decided to wear a swimsuit. The appearance of the artist, demonstrating that it is in stunning form, made a splash.

“Red carpet “Heat” on the beach. On the street +38 degrees in the shade. Saved from heat stroke weightless bikini and tunic,” said the star in his microblog.

The celebrity was accompanied by your next post full of hashtags, anticipating the reaction of spiteful critics. Artist signed photograph with the words “you’re mother”, “hooligans”, “shame on you”, “you are there”, “this show business”, “quite mad,” “tea is not shestnadcati”, “disappointment” and “unsubscribe”. The singer has let know that does not apply to opinions of the envious seriously and gave followers a good mood.

Husband artist Iosif Prigozhin explained the “StarHit” the choice of its second half. In recognition of the producer, such a spectacular exit was not planned in advance.

“We’ve been so busy all these days. Valeria had brought a swimsuit, as it should be to walk? Was on the beach, started track, and a track by the beach. So I decided immediately, as they say, from the ship to the ball,” commented Prigogine “StarHit”.

The husband of the famous singer added that the secret to a perfect figure Valeria is very simple. A celebrity a lot of sports and promotes healthy lifestyle among its fans. By the way, they were delighted to see the publication of the artist in Instagram. They wrote the performer a lot of compliments. “Gorgeous”, “Charming”, “Boldly”, “Look wonderful”, “With such a figure can afford it”, “You so pretty in that outfit,” “Are men’s opinions”, “Wow, wow!”, “Super”, “Wow”, “Awesome”, “Summer maiden”, is discussed by users of social networks.