Valeria showed “hot” shots on vacation

Валерия показала «жаркие» кадры на отдыхе The singer showed perfect figure in a swimsuit. Valery enjoys sports in nature. Despite the fact that now the artist is on vacation, she can’t afford to relax and keeps the body in shape.
Валерия показала «жаркие» кадры на отдыхе

Now the popular singer Valeria spends time in France with her husband Joseph Prigogine. For anybody not a secret that the artist leads a healthy lifestyle and engage regularly in sports. Even in a busy tour schedule, she finds time to go to the gym. Vacation was not an exception – now celebrity training in the fresh air. Valeria was dressed in a red swimsuit to take a sun and air bath. It is located close to lake Geneva to begin the lesson.

“Yoga in the fresh air. The eternal buzz”, the singer wrote in the microblog.
Валерия показала «жаркие» кадры на отдыхе

Fans were quick to make compliments to the artist. They did not mince words to Express his admiration. “Wow! Unreal! More and more admire!”, “Well done! Very hardworking! Fragile with huge will power! You need to teach how to become slim? A Charmer!”, “Valeria, you are above all praise! Your willpower amazes and gives incredible results! Girl live anyway. Joseph tries!”, “Valeria is an example to all women! Well done! My admiration and respect for this lovely woman,” wrote a follower.

Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin tour France with your whole family – together with the famous pair to rest the mother of the singer, cousin of Alla Smurygina, son Artemy. Also in Paris they met with the daughter of the producer Lisa. Together they visited Versailles.

Валерия показала «жаркие» кадры на отдыхе

During the holidays, the singer toured several French cities. She was delighted by what he saw. She was able to relax and unwind.

“How I love this world! Experience some indescribable delight, looking at all this beauty. All the Burgundian towns were built several centuries ago, as old vineyards full of the feeling of being moved in a time machine to the past, and only modern cars bring us back into the 21st century,” said Valery to his fans.