Valeria shared the details of the rehearsal of “the New idol”

Валерия поделилась деталями репетиции «Новой Фабрики звезд» The singer spoke about the participants of the show. Valeria visited the site of “Glavkino”, where each week will take an accounting concert. Fans are looking forward to the second of September when the issue will be aired.

Second, the country starts one of the most anticipated music projects – “New star Factory”. Fans of the programs that you have seen the first editions 15 years ago, looking forward to the return of the program. In the eyes of the spectators once again will be the transformation of ordinary guys and girls in popular performers.

Apparently, the first concert will be held with the participation of a huge number of celebrities. Valeria I just recently came back from vacation, which she spent with family in Europe. She said in microblogging, today was the rehearsal. She admitted she saw young people who were amazed by her vocal abilities.

“Today was the rehearsals of participants of “star Factory” in “GLAVKINO” (by the way, there are very talented guys). Then we stopped for lunch with friends, now go further. Moscow. Back to our usual crazy schedule,” wrote the artist.

It is still unknown who had the chance to take part in the famous project. The second of September, the producer of “New star Factory” Victor Drobysh will announce the names of the winners, who were selected from thousands of applicants. On 10 August there was an open casting, where young people came from all over the country and abroad. For recruits selected luxury house near Moscow. Casting “a New idol” competition, fainting and a second chance celebrities

“Participants will live in one of the houses in the New Riga, – has shared with “StarHit” the representative of the channel Natalia mefod’eva. – Weekly concerts planned to shoot near this place – in the pavilion “GLAVKINO”. Teachers thought to take of the old guard. But many are, unfortunately, not can, not the age”.

The program presenter will be Ksenia Sobchak, and to come the project will be on the channel “Muz-TV”. For several months Victor Drobysh will work with budding artists. He was the mentor of the sixth season of the popular project.

“I believe that the “Factory of stars” is the most classical design on the music television. This is the most successful and the only project that has given our country the largest number of new stars,” – said the producer.