Valeria revealed the truth about plastic surgery

Валерия раскрыла правду о пластической хирургии
17 APR popular singer Valery celebrated the anniversary, it celebrated 50 years.

Валерия раскрыла правду о пластической хирургии

In anticipation of the important dates, the singer gave an interview to the magazine StarHit. Valeria looks luxurious, and she confessed that she had never used the services of plastic surgeons, it is absolutely not interested.

Валерия раскрыла правду о пластической хирургии

“And if I thought it would be good to have the lips look fuller, but now I’m just proud that I have, but doubting enough to compare photos of now and 30 years ago, to understand what features of my face have remained the same. Large Breasts adds age – this is obvious, and in General, the idea to change himself with a scalpel long ceased to visit.

If we talk about plastic, I am a principled opponent of fillers and even Botox have long been abandoned. And when you see the deformed faces of girls 20 years with huge lips, tiny noses and plump cheeks, as a blueprint, it becomes directly terrible. I think that we have to work with the reserves own skin, prompting her to self-production of collagen. Well, less angry, jealous and foul language – all this is reflected in the face,” – says Valery.

Recall that the singer is happily married with Joseph Prigozhin and wants to give him a baby.

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