Валерия открывает бизнес по доставке диетической еды The singer, who this year celebrates its anniversary, long adhere to a healthy lifestyle. In 2011 she wrote a book about yoga, and is now preparing to release his course of proper nutrition, which received the name No Secret by Valeriya.
Валерия открывает бизнес по доставке диетической еды

“The idea came a few months ago – says Valery “StarHit”. – I want to share the experience with everyone: how to lose weight, to radiate energy every day and not to waste time on cooking. Balanced meal will be delivered by courier to your home or office. Before the beginning of the course, each held a consultation with our nutritionists. They are based on the way of life, will give tips on what and how much you can eat, how to combine it with sports and so on. Someone wants to lose weight, someone on the contrary – correctly to gain weight. There are options for those who are on “drying”.

His idea the actress shared with Emin Agalarov, who have gladly supported. Meals will be prepared by the chefs of Crocus Group, owned by the singer and businessman. In addition to the usual menu is cooked and vegan. Sets on the day will have different calorie from 900 to 3300 kcal. And dishes for all tastes: from the fried rolls of sea bass with grilled vegetables and meatballs from quinoa and beets to coconut pudding with mango, Chia, and almonds.

Валерия открывает бизнес по доставке диетической еды“One of the first menu, try friends and family – continues Valery. – Husband, daughter and sons already being tested. Until satisfied. Those who are aiming to lose weight, have already begun to do. Food is as energetic people in business, and Housewives. Hope to start in the coming months.”