Valeria Nikolaev has happy news about the imminent divorce

Валерия Николаева осчастливила новость о скором разводе Actor’s wife has filed for divorce. Elmira Zemskova and Valery Nikolaev married in 2014. All the time, when the artist had problems with the law, his wife was in Vienna.

      Валерия Николаева осчастливила новость о скором разводе

      The famous actor Valery Nikolaev began increasingly to appear in the police reports. In February the star of the series “birthday bourgeois” was arrested after a traffic accident when he rammed several vehicles in the center of Moscow. A little later it became known that the day before he hit a woman crossing the road. Offences do not go unpunished, and Valery ten days spent in the detention center.

      But, as it turned out, this string of adversity in life of Nikolaev is not over. It became known that his wife, a circus artist Elmira Zemskova, filed for divorce. To everyone’s surprise, the actor on this occasion is not at all upset and even remains in high spirits.

      “I rejoice,” commented Valery your approaching divorce.

      I must say that about the severance of relations between Valery and Elmira began to speak after a road traffic accident. Then colleagues and friends of the actor said that he was very depressed that his wife had intended to leave the artist. “Often spoke about his wife that he loves that they broke up, and him a little hard. By the way, the red car was a gift to his wife. He said he may have to take the car, give it to his wife,” recalled the familiar Nikolaev. Recall that 33-year-old circus performer and 50-year-old actor got married two years ago, in September 2014.

      Despite all the problems with the law, many wrote off the difficult situation in the personal life of the actor and the absence of his creative self, Valery did not recognize himself guilty. Nikolaev didn’t begin to apologize for their actions, and the story that he hit a woman called fancy and suspected that it was just staged. “I stopped at the beginning of this islet. The lady jumped on the hood. Then she was crawling. And exactly where there is stoecke, sat down on the chair and drinking coffee. I was offered to release the tracks, because my machine was exactly this, because the tram was moving,” said the actor about the incident.

      As LifeNews reports channel, all the time that Nikolaev got into various incidents that his wife was in Vienna and arrived in Moscow at the first opportunity.

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