Валерия не перестает удивлять супруга Joseph Prigozhin in awe of his wife. Valeria with family resting in Europe. Fans never tire of admiring family harmony artist and producer, which are very sensitive to each other.

      A couple of the singer Valeria and producer Joseph Prigogine is rightly called one of the highest in the Russian show business. Almost all social events the couple appear together, and for many fans their couple, of course, is a role model. Now the family went on vacation to Europe, where, apparently, a fine time. The couple see the sights, do a lot of walking outdoors and enjoying the warm days.

      Despite the fact that the singer and producer together for the past many years, Joseph does not get tired to admire his wife, and Valeria does everything to surprise her husband.

      “Wake up, I go to the pool, and then this is. I looked closer and realized that it was my Goddess never ceases to amaze me. I agree, lucky,” Prigogine wrote in the microblog.

      Fans who once admired the reverent relationship between Valeria and Joseph. The producer told me that he absolutely does not mind the fact that sometimes he has to stay in the shadow of the famous couple. “Once I had a lot of ambitions in career. But today I break the phrase “husband of Valerie” and “producer Valerie”. I help creative people to work with, and I am always with family. Everyone dreams about it,” said Joseph in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Valeria: “Joseph shouted: all get divorced! Went to the registry office!”

      Fans rave about the Union of the singer and producer and take their cue from the star couple.

      “Your attitude to your wife is an example to all men,” “Joseph, you so carefully treat your wife, always there. Very pleased that you surrounded her with care and love. Wish you happiness and health”, “Wow, really. Didn’t recognize her,” commented the fans are the Valerie in a bathing suit.

      Also fans could not be noted what great shape is an artist. Picture in a bikini has caused jubilation among the fans. Valeria admits that regularly plays sports to stay in shape.

      Last week Valery together with his family went to Switzerland. However, the singer briefly had to interrupt the voyage and fly to the speech. After the concert, the artist returned to Europe to continue his summer vacation.

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