Валерия встретилась с секс-символом Accidentally Valeria is faced with the legend of world cinema Jean-Paul Belmondo. The actress won the famous actor. She spoke about it on his page in the microblog.
Валерия встретилась с секс-символом

Valeria almost never parted with her husband, producer Joseph Prigogine. The couple lived and worked together, go on tour and play travel. In few places and rarely meet them individually. Except on stage, Joseph is not out there, “ruled by” his lovely wife and singer Valeria.

And opening a new Russian restaurant in Paris – Valeria and Prigogine went together.

Settled, as always, in the center – at the four seasons Hotel George V Paris world Four Seasons in which stop the most famous and richest people of the planet. Special events, appearances were planned, so the couple were dressed and looked fairly normal.

And I had it in Paris on a fine day, when just for fun you go out for a walk, to face a legend of world cinema?! Valerie was lucky – the hotel she accidentally saw one of the most famous and favorite artists, the sex symbol of the 70s – Jean-Paul Belmondo.

The singer, despite his star status, came to 85-year-old actor, he expressed his admiration and unexpectedly in response, we received a lot of compliments. This she told on his page on Instagram.

“An unexpected meeting in a hotel with a legend of French cinema. Gray-haired Jean-Paul Belmondo with pleasure photographed, generously rewarding me with compliments. Nice, clown take. By the way, he, too, April. The number 9 he was 85 years old,” wrote Valeria.

In the photo, which was published by Valeria, which at home, and in the near abroad collects thousands of rooms, in a word, the star of the national stage, looks a bit embarrassed fan. Next to the legends of faint stars.

Subscribers artist was delighted with the photos and were glad even more for the Valerie for such a nice meeting.

“Amazing Belmondo! Legend, supertalent, a real Man”, “Yeah, cool to meet a famous person randomly in a hotel. Photo wonderful, alive. Thanks for doing such a wonderful post, Valeria! You by surprise, eyes a little “ofonarevshy”. Well, the truth! Smile all grin, even age does not stop, it is Belmondo!” – posted by fans of the artist.

And some even noticed the similarities between Valery and Jean-Paul. “You are like brother and sister,” wrote the singer. To which the artist answered: “what is really there – just twins! We are proud!” she said.