Валерия о браке с Александром Шульгиным: «Я понимала – это бес его крутит» The singer became a guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The actress said about the first wife, explained why their Union disintegrated. Also Valeria openly admitted what trials she went through in her marriage with producer and composer Alexander Shulgin.
Валерия о браке с Александром Шульгиным: «Я понимала – это бес его крутит»

Valeria told me you were done with the first husband, the musician Leonid Yaroshevsky because of his immaturity. Despite the fact that they came together to conquer Moscow, the man soon surrendered.

After some ten years of Leonid decided to publish a book dedicated to the famous former wife. In it, he categorically States that Valeria has ruined his life. Singer, in turn, explained why she divorced him early in his career.

“Gutless, spineless… Sweet Leon, which, unfortunately, could not grow into a real man. This was a youthful marriage. I really felt for him only pity. It is very difficult to babysit a grown man, so he now wrote in his own defense”, – said Valery.
Валерия о браке с Александром Шульгиным: «Я понимала – это бес его крутит»

The singer admitted that their relationship was oboldeli and last six months before the divorce, they just live as neighbours under one roof. Being married to Yaroshevsky, Valeria met a talented composer Alexander Shulgin. The actress said that at first he did not like it. They also had only work in the music Studio.

Over time, however, Valeria and Alexander close. The actress admitted that Shulgin was doing for her, literally everything. It was he who created her stage persona who fell in love with the whole country, the composer was the author of the first successful songs. Valeria told me that initially saw the aggression Shulgin. The composer was a very complex character. He often raised his voice, used foul language. But the singer was hoping to be able to change the spouse. Moreover, the actress decided on a wedding with the producer. Already approaching the Church, Alexander once again made scandal. He threw out the window of the prayer book, which the singer was holding in his hands.

Валерия о браке с Александром Шульгиным: «Я понимала – это бес его крутит» “I understand, it’s the devil twists it. I was just praying, he hated it even more. Said to myself: “I need a ride to get there. We agreed with the father”. Imagine what the conditions were then? The mood has not improved. I thought, “that Must happen a miracle”. And he again and again… When we came out of the temple began all the same. Then I realized – it’s not working,” recalled Valerie.

Valeria decided to hang out with Shulgin after the birth of her daughter and two sons. In her confession, she knew that she couldn’t live with a man who mocks her and their children. Mentally and physically.

“Maybe the work I did, I have one month was 32 gig. I was so tired. Called him and he again began to complain. I said, “Sasha, why don’t you live somewhere else. He went, visited his children only in my absence,” added Valeria.

The singer said that Shulgin hoped for her return. But she finally broke up with the composer. Now the producer refuses to communicate with his daughter Anna and sons – Artemy and Arseny. According to the singer, she sometimes meets the ex-wife in concerts or social events, but Alexander did not even say Hello with their own children.

Valeria told Korchevnikov another stroke of fate. In 2009, the actress lost her father. “He was sick… he had problems with the pots, it was put in the hospital: to place stents. It’s struts that help to pass the blood through the vessels. One of them is closed. Why did this happen? It is not clear. The worst thing was to tell mom,” recalled the artist.

Together with the current spouse Joseph Prigozhin Valery supported the mother – Galina Nikolaevna. “Had to distract the mother, which is what we tried to do. We had invited her to go for surgery abroad, health check, then went to Milan and travelled a lot. Almost a month she was with us, lived an unusual life, it was a kind of psychotherapy,” – said Valery.