Valeria made a scene with a partner

Валерия устроила скандал с напарником The singer has released a new video for the song “Microinfarcts”. In the movie star almost got into a fight with a young brunette, who apparently forced her heroine to suffer. Fans of Valerie was satisfied with the work.

Popular singer Valeria has released a new video for the song “Microinfarcts”. In the video, directed by stylist and artist Katherine Inberg, fans saw Valerie a few images. The artist demonstrated not only a perfect figure, but also surprised fans with her acting.

In the story, loving couple have developed an uneasy relationship. Partner Valerie in the clip was a young muscular black hair, which causes the heroine of the actress conflicting emotions. The characters in the clip then argue, then reconciled. In one scene almost comes to a fight between Valeria and her lover. The text song star has a line of those loving the suffering that many women experienced.

And when I walk in airports through the frames.
On the screens you can see my wounds.
If you start to treat – have a look at my chart.
Your every kiss is equal to the microinfarct.

Fans appreciated her new job. For two days the video has received almost 300 thousand views on the Youtube channel of the artist. “What a cool song, and the video turned out quite tender, and at the same time tough,” “What is beautiful Valeria. Three times in one breath looked. There are no words”, “With the premiere of you! Wonderful clip! But I liked your clothes in this video, My sincere admiration and congratulations on the release of the video for bomber song! The clip does not yield the song itself – all very cool and professional,” wrote Valerie fans in social networks.