Valeria Lanskaya will arrange a concert in honor of its 30th anniversary

Валерия Ланская устроит концерт в честь своего 30-летия
6 February, includes all the hits performed by stars of the musical, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Valeriya Lanskaya

A month after his birthday, Valeria Lanskaya decided to celebrate 30th anniversary with a big concert in club “16 tons” 6 Feb.

Actress of theatre and cinema promises that the evening will be quiet. For the first time in the club format all works will be performed by stars
musical accompanied by a live orchestra.

Valeria Lanskaya — actress, singer, star of Russian
the musical theater. The performer of the main roles in musicals: “Monte Cristo”,
“Anna Karenina”, “Graf Orlov”, “Juno and Avos”, “Zorro”, “the Times did not choose”,
“Scarlet sails” and many others. In the concert take part the stars of the musical
theatre: Igor Balalaev, Dmitry Ermak, Nataliya Bystrova, Alexander Marakulin,
Sergey Lee, Vladimir by dyibsky., Andrey Belyavsky, Lika Rulla and others.