Valeria Lanskaya explained why didn’t want to get married

Валерия Ланская объяснила, почему не хотела выходить замуж
The popular actress spoke about her family life.

Valeriya Lanskaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Valeriya Lanskaya and her husband, film Director Stas
Ivanov, the impression of the couple, family life which lasts for a long
years, although they married in March 2015, less than three years ago. Actress
it has been a wonderful wife and the most caring mom in the world, but as it turned out,
for a long time she did not dream about the wedding and was in no hurry to get married.

“Now our feelings are still strong and deep. We all
it happened fast: engagement, wedding, birth of a son. — said Valery
an exclusive interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — When we met, immediately became
it is clear that this is my man. And Stas often tells me that he is always
represented a wife like me. Incidentally, brunette. But I couldn’t
to find, time after time he met the blonde. And here all has converged and externally, and
internally. Us together well, we speak the same language. Well, there are
sometimes some clashes. But in General we understand each other. And
no wonder I don’t go out early in marriage, it was felt that the present is yet to come.
And here it came.

Immediately became warm, relaxed and clear. Thank God! If we
Stas was found five years earlier, the relationship would not emerge.
We had some way to go. But before that, we spent six months working in
the neighboring pavilions, in the corridor encountered and said Hello. Artist
he was shot, I was having lunch in a cafe. In General, it is strange that we with Stas
not previously met. I’m in that period was in a very active search.”

The full interview of Valeriya Lanskaya read in the new issue of the magazine “7
Days.” Now!