Valeria Lanskaya confessed that her husband is in third place

Валерия Ланская призналась, что муж у нее на третьем месте
The actress is worried that all her attention is taking care of a small son and a job and the husband did not have time.

With her husband, filmmaker Stas Ivanov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“I believe this year I don’t sleep at all! — shared the actress
and Valeria Lanskaya, a year ago for the first time became a mother. — Still Subject
for a night wakes up at five, and even seven times. Accordingly, I Wake up.
And there are nights when he wakes me up
every 30-40 minutes”… If you add to this the download of Valerie at work (a
it is not just a movie, but also plays a major role in the musical “Anna
Karenina” in the Theater “Moscow operetta”), it becomes clear that the actress
just don’t have time for her own husband!

“We have had conversations on
this subject, — says Lansky. — Turns out that I have a child in the first place, work is
second… And my husband, of course, is not enough time and effort. I hope
soon the Topic will start to sleep better, I have more energy, and I can
to give Stas. Well, in January my husband and together go on vacation to the sea, I
really looking forward to it. Going to lie down, to sleep, to rest, to recover. Topic
leave my mother, sister and a nanny.”

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