Valeria is preparing for the meeting with the stepdaughter

Валерия готовится ко встрече с падчерицей
The singer visited Lera Kudryavtseva.


Photo: Press-service of NTV

on Saturday of NTV will show the continuation of the program “million dollar Secret” with Valeria. The second part of a Frank
conversation Lera Kudryavtseva with the singer
will reveal many secrets about the personal life of Valerie and about family dramas that she
concealed for many years.

In the Studio
come the third husband of the singer and her producer Joseph Prigogine. Valeria will tell you
could Joseph be a father to her children and why they have no kids together.
The star couple for the first time will tell the truth about the scandal with children from Prigogine
a previous marriage. Daughter of Joseph Prigogine, too, this will show up in the Studio and
recognized why long time never wanted to hear about his famous
dad and his wife.

will share one more family troubles. Brother Prigogine, hiding behind a star
name, is mired in high debt, for which Valery Joseph pay
and to this day.