Valeria goes to restaurants with your food

Валерия ходит в рестораны со своей едой

The singer does not leave the bag in the refrigerator even in catering.

Hard to believe that Valerie 48 years! Fresh complexion, the almost complete absence of facial wrinkles and… toned, slender body. More than 35 and will not give! The singer repeatedly said that carefully monitors your health: exercise regularly, eat right. Hence the result.

However, no one could not assume, what sacrifices have to go to the singer for the appearance of the model. On his page in the social network of Valery posted a picture of a famous meat restaurant in Moscow. However, contrary to expectations on the table before she stood not a dish of steaming, juicy steak, and a container with vegetables and rice, which she brought with her.

“We should make fasting a week, as starting meals in restaurants, – has signed a snapshot of Valeria. — Is unable to refuse her husband and children? But me bare hands will not take. The kitchen Burger was not rice, and it is not necessary – pulled out of the cooler your. The food is always with me. Very convenient with my schedule of life.” Subscribers singer once again marveled at her endurance and will power. “Come to one of the best meat restaurants in Moscow and not order anything?! It’s incredible exposure! Keep it up! So much for the figures to command respect!”, “Valerie, such a beautiful and smart does not exist in Russia! You are the charm of the impossible, the standard for others to follow! Happiness and success and good mood”, “A kebab don’t want you at all, of pork, with fat, with onion, pomidorami?”.