Валерия Гай Германика устроила скандал накануне родов
The Director refuses to act in new show of the channel “Home”.

Valeria Gai Germanika

Photo: Press service of the TV channel “Home”

Just yesterday the channel
“Home” has invited fans of Valeria Gai Germanika
to see how one of the most famous women Russian cinema is preparing
motherhood in the second season of “Pregnant”. But today
the Director reported that he refused to participate in the project. Germanico
hurt incorrect media headlines about the fact that the expectant mother allegedly going
“to give birth live”.

“I usually keep quiet in these cases, trying to make peace, —
protested Valeria. But when it comes to the most personal and expensive, when
at the same time continue to do the other PR people are already edge. Million
online publications with the filing of the pr service of Home channel, launched this
disgusting “duck”. It was the fact that in agreement with the channel, they
shoot a few episodes from the life of the pregnant me. Plus photo shoot for promo.
On this shoot I was sent some journalist who asked a few
issues. Then a couple of days we got a beautiful press release
channel, stating that I will give birth during the filming of the program. So
now, I’m not going to give birth, neither in direct nor in Krivoy broadcast any TV channel.
And moreover, I can’t shoot anymore in this program!”.

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