Valeria Gai Germanicus gave birth to second daughter

Валерия Гай Германика родила вторую дочь

About the joyous event the 32-year-old Director said in his Instagram.

“Heroes of today!!! Hooray, we’ve met,” wrote Valeria Gai Germanika in the microblog and put a photo of doctors from a maternity home.

“Daughter of 3800 grams and 53 cm appeared in 16 hours 09 min. Newborn and her mother feel good and after a few days I plan discharge from the hospital. Valeria gave her daughter an unusual name – Severina,” confirmed the news to journalists by Woman’s Day staff of the TV channel “Home”.

With the TV channel “Home” Valery binds reality show “Pregnant,” in which she agreed to participate for a few weeks before the birth. Read more HERE.

For Gai Germanika, recall that Severina was the second child. She already has eight-year-old daughter Octavia. The girls have different fathers, the relationship with whom their mothers did not work.

With second husband and father Severin dancer Vladimir Lyubushkin Director have parted ways on the last stages of pregnancy. The reason for their breakup is unknown. It is likely that the role played by the deception of men: before the wedding he told Valeria that in America he had a wife. In addition, a friend of the dancer told the media that during the cohabitation with the guy Germaniki Lubushkin was not working and lived on money of the wife. The latter fact Valerie is not confirmed, but called his divorce release.

Will Vladimir Lyubushkin to help Valeria Gai Germanicus in the upbringing of their total daughter, is still unknown. But there is a possibility that the film will deal with the role of father and mother alone. At least in the microblog she jokingly gave Severin his name and patronymic derived from his name.

“Severin V. Germanica. Thank you very much for the congratulations! And my friends and colleagues for their attention and support,” wrote Gai Germanika in the social network and made a picture with the baby.

Germanicus Severin V. thank you very much for the congratulations!!! And my friends and colleagues for your attention and support!

A photo posted by Valeria Germanika (@germanicaislove_official) APR 22 2016 8:03 PDT

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