Valeria Gai Germanicus gave birth to a girl

Валерия Гай Германика родила девочку The controversial Director gave the baby an unusual name. Valeria Gai germanica became a mother for the second time and feels great. After a few days with a newborn are discharged from the hospital.

      Валерия Гай Германика родила девочку

      In life, Valeria Gai Germanika was accomplished an important and happy event. The Director gave birth to a girl. The baby was given the name Severin. A newborn weighing 3800 kg and 53 cm came to light this afternoon. The star gave birth to a girl in one of the perinatal centres. Mom and baby are well and preparing for discharge.

      Valerie at home waiting for relatives. All more excited about the upcoming meeting with little sister the eldest daughter of Octavius Germanicus. 7-year-old girl wanted to hurry to see the baby, they carefully stroked my mother’s tummy until she was in position.

      How reacted to the birth of his daughter father Vadim Lyubushkin – yet unknown. Recall that Gai Germanika filed for divorce with her husband even during pregnancy. She was not frightened the status of single mothers. The Director confessed that she and her husband were too different people. Besides, according to her, Lubushkin was not quite honest man.

      Валерия Гай Германика родила девочку

      We will remind, “StarHit” first learned about it from a close friend Valeria Anastasia Ignatova. “Madusa was a real bitch, – said the girl. He lied to Leer at every step, and a few months ago, all was arranged the whole representation. Told her I was going to type to Omsk to visit my mom and finish some things, but he’s in tihushku went to America to ex-wife. Valerie learned this purely by accident and no longer able to tolerate. It doesn’t even stop what she’s about to give birth. Lera is waiting for the girl, and doctors predicted she would give birth in late April. By the way, to register your child at the Wadi she’s not going”.

      It is noteworthy that friends, family and colleagues support Germanico. And she is optimistic about the future. Valeria for children is happiness, and its never too much. To linger in the decree of the Director no plans. She’ll soon begin work on a new project.

      By the way, the famous psychic Galina Bagirova gives positive Outlook the career of Germanicus. “Of course, Valery’s hard going through a breakup with her husband, says psychic “StarHit”. But she is strong by nature and will cope with all the difficulties. In the future, the guy Germanika expect great success in your career – you see a staircase leading upstairs. The possibility of participation in foreign projects the level of Hollywood.”

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