Валерия Гай Германика и Пахом объявили себя парой The Director is in the Crimea, where the sun is divided into frames. This furor has produced a photo with actor Pahom. In the caption to the picture Valeria Gai-Germanika admitted that they were a couple. Fans are discussing, is it true that the actor and Director had a romantic relationship.

      Film Director Valeria Gai Germanika was just recently released from the decree, and last week flew to new TV series “Bonus”. In April a star was born the second daughter of Severina, but the young mother was able to quickly get in shape, lose weight and return to a favorite cause. The work on the new film is in the Crimea. Valery could not leave the children alone, so the whole family went to Yalta. The eldest daughter of Octavia helps her mother to babysit four-month-old baby. Woman shares touching shots with the kids in his microblog. However, fans of Gai Germanicus was more interested in pictures of the Director in the company of men.

      On the eve of Valery posted two pictures together with 49-year-old actor and participant in the 16th season of “Battle of psychics” Pakhomov. Signed to new personnel has intrigued fans of the stars.

      “In fact, I pair with Pahom,” admitted Gai Germanika.

      Page subscribers of the Director was surprised, but hastened to congratulate the woman. “Delightfully tough”, “You’re just a plague, “Not just a couple and the ideal couple,” “Such good. The coolest couple. I love you. My lovelies,” said the followers of the Gai-Germanika.

      By the way, the Pahom, whose real name is Sergei Pakhomov, also has a page in Instagram, but the actor rarely puts the frames on your account. After the man abruptly left the 16th season of the show “Battle of psychics” for the sake of other participants, mother and daughter Voronova left on the project, he returned to filming a movie. Sergey Pakhomov, known for such films as “the Green elephant”, “Marx”, “Head” and “Five bottles of vodka”. Recently, the network appeared the information that the fool may return to 17 part of the project TNT. Groin and Marilyn Kerro can re-fight “the Battle of psychics”

      Earlier Valeria Gai-Germanika spent a couple of evenings in the company of the Director of The Matrixx, a 46-year-old Dmitry snake. Filmmaker and musician visited one of the restaurants located on the waterfront in Yalta. Dmitry posted a photo with the Valeria, leaving him under an ambiguous caption: “C Larosa in Yalta! Someone who works here, and someone’s resting!”.

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