Valeria Gai germanica withdrew from the decree

Валерия Гай Германика вышла из декрета Has not passed also weeks, as the Director gave birth to her second child. But, as promised, for a long time to linger in the decree it does not intend. Daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus Severina was born on April 22.

      Валерия Гай Германика вышла из декрета

      On 22 April, a famous film Director Valeria Gai germanica became a mother for the second time. The celebrity gave birth to a girl named Severina. And the very next day after the birth of the child she was discharged from the hospital. But, apparently, Germanicus did not for a long time to stay at home, caring only for a child. A week after giving birth the Director has already met with colleagues at work, including with a former participant of “Battle of psychics” Pakhomov. Moreover, Germanicus talked about the fact that he is not going to stay long on maternity leave, and will soon begin work on a new project.

      “Groin spring brought,” wrote Valeria.

      Judging by the bouquet, which appeared in hands on photos of the Director, she and her colleagues not only discussed the important things, but also received congratulations with a newborn daughter.

      Recall that Severina was born weighing 3800 kg and growth of 53 centimetres. Unlike many stars who prefer to go to give birth abroad, the Director decided to give birth in one of the capital’s renowned perinatal centers. But now to raise a child, Valeria would have without her husband. With the girl’s father, dancer Vadim Lyubushkin, she had parted during pregnancy. However, for Valerie the breakup was a relief. Moreover, after the birth of the second child the Director wished happiness to all the moms who are raising children without fathers.

      “Mommy, single, never despair! In the place of one subhuman God will send one hundred good helpers”, – said Valery.

      By the way, “StarHit” first learned of the details of the breakup of the Director and dancer from a close friend of Valeria Anastasia Ignatova. As it turned out, the former spouse was not honest with his wife.

      “Madusa was a real bastard – shared the girl. – He lied to Leer at every step, and a few months ago, actually staged the whole performance. Told her I was going to type to Omsk to visit my mom and finish some business, and he tihushku went to America for his ex-wife. Leroy learned this purely by accident and no longer able to tolerate. It doesn’t even stop what she was soon to give birth. She waits for the girl, and the doctors predicted she would give birth in late April. By the way, the child’s record at the Wadi she’s not going to.”

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