Valeria fears of moving abroad

Валерия опасается переезда детей за границу The singer shared her fears. Valeria remembered how long her son was away from home when he studied in Geneva. The confessions of the actress, this period of time was unbearable for her. Star hopes that her descendants will not decide to leave his native country in search of a better life abroad.
Валерия опасается переезда детей за границу

Valeria – mother of many children with the experience: her daughter Anna, 23, and sons – Artemy and Arseny – 22 and 18. But, despite the fact that the children have already grown up, the celebrity never ceases to worry. The confessions of the actress, at the time it was very hard for a long time to let his son abroad, where he was to get a good education. Valeria recalls that period and realize that I would not like to be separated from a child.

“It is good that the Theme of the year ago has returned to Russia from Geneva, where he studied, – says Valeria. – I feel safer when he’s near by. Now fear, as if someone thought up abroad to work and took from me… All of my children are independent and smart, but for me, still each one remains a child. So, I am thinking how Anya got home? Ate whether Artemy? Heat is Senya dressed?”

The singer admitted that he tries not to excessively take care of the heirs, but to participate in the Affairs of everyday life. Now Valery is proud of Artem, Anna and Arseny, knowing that children grew up intelligent and independent individuals.

“My whole life growing up, I was trying to accustom himself to the idea that at some point, the sons and daughter separate from me and this should be ready – says celebrity. – It is hard to accept, but I try to be children are not just mom but also a friend, so that in adult life I found a place in their hearts. To do this, I’m interested in every day, but at the same time not impose his point of view, not to lecture – it’s not easy”.

As far as the lives of sons and daughters, then the star is trying to be very delicate. Valeria admits that of course she does, who will be next to her adorable children, but she tries not to pressure them. Girl Arseniy Shulgin spoke about the difficult relationship with him

“Of course, there is anxiety and that near them was the right, good people, with whom they go through life. But all my guys are smart – I would like to think that will make the right choice. A couple of years ago I was scared that my Canopy is about to begin and I’ll be jealous – after all, the younger son… When he got the girl, waiting here in me stir a sense of competition with her, but, fortunately, while it is silent. I hope this will continue”.