Valeria does not accept civil husband of the daughter

Валерия не принимает гражданского мужа дочери The singer is hard to imagine a young man in the role of head of the family. Valeria admitted that the choice of the successor of Anna Shulgina, suits her just as the boyfriend of the girl. In addition, the singer is not ready to be a grandmother.
Валерия не принимает гражданского мужа дочери

Famous singer and mother of three children, Valeria, became the hero of the first issue of the new season of “the million dollar Secret” on the channel NTV.

The heirs of the singer are pretty much adults. Daughter Valerie Anne Shulgin lives an independent life, building a career, happy in a relationship. The girl has a civil marriage with the rapper Slam. However, during an interview with Lera Kudryavtseva Valeriya gave to understand that it is not happy about this choice of his daughter. Valeria says why he is friends with all the children of Joseph Prigogine

Валерия не принимает гражданского мужа дочери“It’s hard for me to imagine him as a husband and father of children. I don’t know why. And as a young man – let it be, yeah,” said Valeria.

Anna Shulgin, who also appeared in the Studio program, said that with mom they are very friendly, and she had no from her no secrets. But this girl said that if Valeria will be against her choice, she is unlikely to listen.

Валерия не принимает гражданского мужа дочери“Eighty percent of a hundred that I’ll do as I please, said Anna Shulgina. – This is my life. And even if I step on a rake it will be my mistake.”
Валерия не принимает гражданского мужа дочери

Valeria remembered that she at one time did not listen to the opinions of his mother, which desperately loved chosen daughter, producer Alexander Shulgin. The woman even while Dating with your future son-in-law realized that her successor will have with him very difficult.

The marriage, indeed, was not happy. But despite a complicated relationship, Valeria gave birth to her husband three beautiful children. And then left him, unable to bear the violence, the spouse is constantly subjected her and their heirs. During the transfer of Valeria once again remembered that she had to endure in his second marriage.

Leading “Secret” one million Lera Kudryavtseva could not refrain from provocative question. She asked whether the singer Valeria to be a grandmother. But the answer is the vocalist was ready. As it turned out, the topic has often been raised.

“I often say to children: children, if you plant a family, decide on the children, it is your responsibility, – said Valery. But the word “grandma” it is strange. Can’t myself to try it. And I guess I wouldn’t want to I was referred. Better – named”.