Валерия разрыдалась от сюприза детей Recently, the singer celebrated the 50th anniversary. The artist was congratulated by many colleagues and fans, letters with warm words for several days came to the home address Valeria. Today, the star posted a touching post dedicated to children, which made her cry on the anniversary.
Валерия разрыдалась от сюприза детей

17 APR Valeria turned 50 years old. The artist in honor of the holiday said “StarHit” how to get rid of insecurities, complexes. The actress also admitted how much to spend time and effort to stay in good physical shape to the envy of many 30-year-old.

The heirs of the singer in auspicious day for her surprise star mother. Daughter Anna with her boyfriend, sons Arseny and Artem gave a parent of a luxurious gift. About the present, the actress told fans of the online.

“What a touching moment. The kids gave me expensive earrings on your own hard-earned money. Moved to tears. Did not expect, of course, and not in the jewelry business. Just really wanted me to do something nice. Favorite, my dear”, – has signed a frame Valery.
Валерия разрыдалась от сюприза детей

“Good for you! It is the result of your daily, every minute of work and love for children”, “beautiful”, “well Done”, “How cute”, “Decent education”, “Probably just one of those things we have to live, have children and love them”, noted fans of the singer.

In numerous interviews Valery admitted that he was proud of the kids. Sons and daughter surprise their successes stellar mom.

“It’s fine when the heirs themselves back on my feet and feel confident in life. So, we brought up them. I’m glad they didn’t grow majors. And not have to pull them on his shoulders. For me the moment of separation was not as sharp as for parents who used to stay home with the kids. We previously often been apart: I’m on tour or at rehearsals or filming… But always talk on the phone a hundred times a day, helmet photos”, – told the artist.

Spouse of the singer Iosif Prigozhin also gave good advice to the children of the stars. Artemy often consults on matters of business with his stepfather. “Joseph is always happy to help by word and deed. Of all our children now the Theme works in her husband’s sphere, and often consults with him,” admitted Valerie.