Валерия и экс-жена Пригожина отправились на семейную прогулку Recently a folk artist came to her stepdaughter, who is studying in Switzerland. Lisa met and have fun together. Almost immediately after the girl appeared in Moscow, ex-wife Leila Fattakhova Prigogine and Valeria walked with her in the center of the capital. Apparently, they are getting along well.

      Валерия и экс-жена Пригожина отправились на семейную прогулку

      Recently, the singer Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine met the daughter of a producer from a previous marriage, Lisa. The past few years, a young girl living and studying in Switzerland and is not often seen with his relatives as before. So every visit of the successor of the Prigogine — as an event for her large family. Lisa’s mom Leila Fattakhova with pleasure took a walk with her daughter and Valeria.

      “Our long-legged beauty arrived on vacation. Walk on a beautiful summer Moscow”, — Valery wrote in his Instagram. The publication, the singer also added the hashtags “favorite people”, “family” and “children”.

      And Lisa Prigogine repostnula a photo of a mother and Valeria in his microblog, adding to its description several hearts.

      Fans of people’s artist said that she, her stepdaughter, Leila Fattakhova looks great. “All three beauties! Imagine how proud Joseph”, “Class”, “Valeria Plank, which is fantastic”, “Valeria doll, admire you and respect you”, “That’s great”, “Super”, “Lisa — chic external data,” wrote Valerie fans in the comments to her pictures.

      Валерия и экс-жена Пригожина отправились на семейную прогулку

      By the way, the eldest son of Valerie is studying in Switzerland as his half-sister. This year 21-year-old Artemy Shulgin received a bachelor’s degree Websterscape University in the field of IT-technologies and Finance. But at the moment he is preparing for admission to graduate school. Work Artemy plans in Moscow. By the way, not so long ago, Shulgin was robbed. From the apartment where he lived in Geneva, stole an expensive watch, a gift from his mother and Iosif Prigozhin on the 20th anniversary, as well as a laptop.

      Son of Valerie robbed for a large sum

      We also recall that Valeriya and Leila Fattakhova has repeatedly admitted that we communicate well among themselves. Women together met New year. On a family holiday children were the star couple and mother Valeria. In addition, they participated in the program “Two wives” TV channel “Russia 1”. In the air this transfer Fattakhova told that it took Valeria and at first doubted her affair with Prigogine. However, over time, Leila made friends with the singer. They quite often see each other and share with each other secrets. Fattakhova also said that they do not hold resentment for her ex-husband.

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