Valeria admitted that she lost the baby

Валерия призналась, что потеряла ребёнка

Valeria and Joseph Prigogine repeatedly declared its readiness to strengthen the marriage, a common child. We now know that some of the attempts to conceive were successful, but unfortunately, carry the baby singer still failed. Last pregnancy Valeria fell for the sixth month of pregnancy.

Only now, when the pain of losing an unborn baby have died down, the artist was able to tell about it. Valeria admitted that she and Joseph ways, this painful experience was the most difficult. Journalists found out about missed abortion much later than it happened. The singer wonders how wordsmiths found out about her personal tragedy is all the tests she has passed under an assumed name. To experience grief helped her beloved husband Joseph Prigogine, who found the right words of comfort and support. The couple are sure the sky will give them a child.

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