Valeria admitted that she lost the baby from Prigogine

Валерия призналась, что потеряла ребенка от Пригожина

The singer explained why she and Joseph no children together…

Regular guests of the new program Oksana Pushkina “Mirror for the hero” became the singer Valeria and her husband producer Iosif Prigozhin. One of the topics raised in the interview was the miscarriage Valerie, which happened two years ago. Then to comment on the situation, the singer for obvious reasons did not. But this time spoke about the tragedy openly.

Leading to the question of a joint children with Joseph Valery admitted that in the beginning of the relationship they had once been. Their children (three children from his marriage to Valerie Alexander Shulgin and three of Joseph from a previous two marriages) were at that time still small. When they began to grow, came the desire to have a child in common. And here in 2014 the singer was pregnant. But soon a disaster happened, a miscarriage.

“When media started writing that I’m pregnant, nothing happened – said Valery. — I don’t know where the journalists began to have my ultrasound, I got these results was not! We went to the clinic in the basement under the surname Ivanova. Analyses were rented under assumed names and codes”.

According to the singer, has unveiled her nurses and nurses who work with informants in the press. The loss of a child was a difficult experience for the family, but the star couple has overcome this tragedy and trying to live happily ever after.

Fans of the singer, in turn, try to support it in the social networks offer Valeria and Joseph to use a surrogate mother, as do their colleagues on the shop floor.

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