Valentina’s husband Legkostupova languishing without work

Муж Валентины Легкоступовой прозябает без работы The husband of the famous actress spoke about sore. In the program “When all the houses” Valentina’s husband Legkostupova complained about the lack of work and told why now it is not easy to perform.
Муж Валентины Легкоступовой прозябает без работы

The heroine of the new issue of the program “When all the houses” on “Russia 1” was Valetina Legkostupova. The singer, most famous song which was and still is “Berry-raspberry”, invited Timur Kizâkova to his home and introduced with his large family. Valentine a second time married to actor, son of the famous Foley artist, Director Yury Grigoriev, Alexei. She has two children – daughter anetta from his first marriage and a 16-year-old son Matthew, and two granddaughters – three year old Nicole and Aurora, which is only a year and a half. Children of the artist not yet fully decided on the class of life – Annette, which was named after the daughter of Raimond, and wanted to become a singer, but failed to achieve success on the stage and is now a student at the faculty of European law at MGIMO. Son Matthew is graduating from high school.

Legkostupova lately not so frequently, the artist does not hesitate, it is called the “singer of one song”.

Муж Валентины Легкоступовой прозябает без работы“Do not complain to the fate, because wherever he came from, all I know is all I remember. But I rarely call invite on TV. And all the choir sing the “Berry-raspberry”, is a song – “my mother”, she gave me life, how not love her?!” – said the artist.

But her husband complained that work in recent times less. Alex as well as his father, knows the art of sucommittee, but in the era of high technology, this genre was not very popular. In addition, the artists believe that the level of skill variety is very low, so professionals are not interesting.

Муж Валентины Легкоступовой прозябает без работы“Here dad had a lot of work. He served in the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem, and in that time, the team actively toured is tour in 30-40 days. And now very little work. Lowered demands on the profession of the artist, all work under the slogan: “there are No bad songs, there is not enough rotation”, – said the husband Legkostupova.

Despite the difficult times, Legkostupova and her family do not lose heart. The star of the 80’s recently it became official – she is now the head of the Department on culture of administration of Feodosia, the city of his childhood. Artist wants to spend in the Crimea carnival.