Валентина Титова жалеет, что убила третьего ребенка от Владимира Басова The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Titov was first told about the humiliating life with Vladimir Basov. The famous actor forced her to have an abortion. About the act the actress regrets so far.
Валентина Титова жалеет, что убила третьего ребенка от Владимира Басова

Valentina Titova for the first time openly spoke about family life with the popular actor Vladimir Basov. The actress admitted that the famous husband was stingy, jealous, could raise a hand on her.

“He gave me three rubles a day. And ate, of course, by a large amount. His mom demanded that I brought a notebook and reported on the money. It was humiliating,” – said the artist.

The star couple Basov and Titova born son Alexander and daughter Elizabeth. Valentine Antipova told that he wanted a third child, but Bass was recommended to her to have an abortion, citing the fact that you will not be able to provide another heir.

“Indian maxims, men are not interesting. Therefore, it was necessary to go and give birth. To respect yourself. Anywhere he would not go away. We women often try to settle and to be dependent on men. Of course, now I regret it,” admitted Titov.
Валентина Титова жалеет, что убила третьего ребенка от Владимира Басова

Valentine Antipova said that, despite the complex nature of the famous wife, she tried for him to create coziness and comfort at home. Titova learned to educate Basov, was able to forgive his infidelity and regular calls from persistent admirers.

“I didn’t like the people who ate the newspaper “Pravda”. I needed a life, clean apartment. The fact is that if you don’t put the calculation in your life, then lose your partner. Any money from a friend Basov was not. He needed a family, a wife, children, position in society. I was taught to apply to himself and to his children correctly. I used to train kids on Basov and his children,” – said Titov.

Валентина Титова жалеет, что убила третьего ребенка от Владимира Басова

According to Titova, Basov most important thing in life was work and creativity. In the last years of marriage, the actor was addicted to alcohol. According to Valentina Antipova, the disease has exacerbated the precarious nature of Vladimir Pavlovich. After 20 years of marriage she decided to divorce proslavery artist and left him for another man, cameraman Georgi Ivanovich Rerberg.

“Rerberg I met quite by accident. I will not be taken away from the family. He was a beggar, without an apartment even. Ten years I was provided. But it was love,” said Titov.

Valentine Antipova said that the Bass began to take revenge after her departure from the family. People’s artist of the USSR gossiping about her, told friends and colleagues that Titov regularly cheated on him and left a son and a daughter.

“Bass everywhere. Where could shit – shat! Ex-wife Natalia Fateeva wanted to adopt my children, its not love, and my sudden want,” shared the actress.

Titov admitted that today don’t hold a grudge against a former spouse. She was able to establish a relationship with his son and daughter. “Of course, I understand that. Forgive the one who understands”, – said Valentina Antipovna.