Valentina Talyzina spoke about the complex and difficult relationship with her daughter

Валентина Талызина рассказала о комплексах и непростых отношениях с дочерью The actress gave a Frank interview. Valentina Talyzina said he did not consider himself an ideal mother, since different severity in education. In addition, the star was heavily loaded with work that interfere with normal communication with the child.
Валентина Талызина рассказала о комплексах и непростых отношениях с дочерью

Actress Valentina Talyzina played more than hundred roles in films and television series. Now the artist works mainly on the stage of the Mossovet theatre. Star doesn’t like to comment on his personal life, but recently made an exception. She gave a Frank interview in which has told about difficulties in the relationship with her daughter.

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According to the actress, she was a very strict mother and abused heiress for any bad deed. However, Valentina Illarionovna not used to hide true feelings, so often criticizes talents of his successor.

“The case is that the daughter calls and asks my opinion about her last performance. I say, “You tell the truth or just say that everything was okay?” If the daughter chooses the truth, call her to him and all the spread. They say that was not the case. I’m in the profession for 60 years, and therefore know how to work and what didn’t,” said Talyzina.
Валентина Талызина рассказала о комплексах и непростых отношениях с дочерью

Daughter star Ksenia haitova confirms that as a child she lacked maternal warmth. When the heiress Talyzina broke up with her husband, that Valentina Illarionovna was there and supported her in difficult times.

With age, the artist became more tolerant attitude towards the relatives. So, Valentina Illarionovna indulges granddaughter Anastasia, who also chose the acting profession.

The star does not get tired to admire the beauty and kindness of your favorite girls. Granddaughter and daughter are the main joy in life Talyzina. Himself actress never considered attractive. Moreover, it is feared that due to ordinary external data may have some problems with the career.

“I’ve always considered herself ugly. And, of course, his contribution here was made by Eldar Ryazanov. I remember we were working on the film “Zigzag of luck”. He told me the following: “I want you to be famous, but now you will be given the role only ugly girls”. I then thought I would be able to survive it,” – said Talyzina.

Complexes of the actress did not prevent her to make a brilliant career. Talyzina tries to carefully choose the projects, stopping the selection of only those of them, where she offered vivid role.

To change the sphere of activity of the star does not intend to. Dealing with “Antenna-Telesem”, Talyzina stressed that it is not interested in teaching or directing activities. “I came artist, artist and leave,” said Valentina Illarionovna.