Валентина Талызина отказывается признавать вину перед дочерью Only child of people’s artist was actually raised by his grandmother, mother Valentina Talyzina. And she is a famous actress between home and work have always chosen career. And still absolutely no regrets about it.
Валентина Талызина отказывается признавать вину перед дочерью

People’s artist of Russia Valentina Talyzina, which 22 Jan turned 83, was married once. Married to artist Leonid nepomniatchi they had a daughter Ksenia. However, the relationship of the spouses did not work and almost immediately after the birth of the child Talyzina divorced. The education of the baby, the young talented actress didn’t have time. Ksenia did the mother of the actress Talyzina – Anastasia Trifonovna. In the NTV program “the Stars aligned” Valentina Illarionovna has admitted that when her daughter was only three years old, she left her with her grandmother and ran to work in theatre or photography. The actress openly talks about the fact that practically raised an only child, and moreover, even now, years later, absolutely no regrets that between family and work has always chosen the latter.

“I don’t blame myself that much paid time daughter. Life is what it is. It was my job. I had separated from her husband, I had to support her mother and daughter. I was raised not educated, I think not. I think that was brought up by her my mom,” said Valentina Talyzina.

Even in his youth, the daughter of Valentina Talyzina refused to name the famous actress. Ksenia Khairova does not hide that relations with the talented mother has always been difficult. After the divorce, the people’s artist husband and she sided with dad, because mom’s job was more important than family in the first place. “I have no right to judge anybody, but how can career aspirations of living people?”. Ksenia Khairova is also an actress, but in her biography there is so many notable roles. And that her career is so she also blames the mother. They say, and not helped, and very criticized.

“My mother helped so that it would not help. First, the program that we cooked with it I was immediately “turned down”. And second, neither my mother nor I have teaching talent, that is all. It’s hard to be the daughter of people’s artist. Especially when I was under the same name. A huge responsibility. I started acting when he changed the name. My mother’s famous surname did not help me, but rather the opposite. And my mother’s relentless criticism. So swinging. Of course resented. And she’s all,” said Ksenia.

However, now the mother and daughter were able to establish a relationship. And in the Studio of channel NTV, they did not argue, but recognized each other in love. Both believe that their largely rallied another Talyzina, daughter of Xenia, the only and beloved granddaughter Valentina Anastasia. Girl 18 years old, she since birth is the name of my grandmother. As a child she dreamed of becoming a ballerina and even performed at the Bolshoi. But when I was 14 I got a knee injury, after which are unable to recover. Then she decided to continue the dynasty and become an actress, now a sophomore at the Schepkin school. Grandma assured darling that no matter what, to help Nastia, no one will. But Talyzina Junior not mad, she loves their famous relatives and hopes that they will cease to fight and will be more likely to communicate.