Валентина Мазунина: «Какая зарплата, такие и сапоги»

The actress of the film “Classmates” I’m sure the main thing in this life is not to lose optimism and not become evil, and success and personal well-being will definitely find you. Own formula for happiness Val tells readers “Antenna”.

The past is not ashamed: it was fun. I grew up in a very greenhouse conditions in a small town Vereshchagino. Mom and dad were always there, went to school, around the house, he entered the Perm Institute of culture. Becoming a student, went to earn. Not that there was a need, it’s just time to buy beautiful things and trips at sea with his own money, not parents.

Got a job as a waitress, then as a teacher in a children’s camp. Thought courier to earn some money, but not like the opaque conditions. And decided that I would go to the factory, this case is reliable, there will not be deceived. And became oklacity-packer waffle shop at the candy factory and at age 18 earned vacation in Yalta. Now, when you tell friends about their “profession”, laughing. Does not ashamed of them. It was fun and interesting. It’s a lifetime experience which you are grateful. Well, when else would I have tried?

With my first paycheck I bought a windbreaker. In the theater at the Institute received 12 thousand and half gave for the apartment. Mom jokingly said, “Val, what the salary, and such boots. Don’t know why, but always had an inner confidence that I have in the profession everything will work out. And after six months was invited to the series “Real boys.” I remember the first time received a fee of 40 thousand rubles, and brought the money to the theater, put them in a locker, it on the key and the dressing room was locked. Ridiculous, of course. Never hid, and then seemed fascinated. I bought with that first big paycheck corduroy jacket beige, to me it seemed incredibly beautiful. And the remaining amount sent to parents. When, in 2013, shooting was moved to Moscow, was delighted, he Packed a suitcase and went. Thought: great, now all the doors I will open, everything will be cool! At first homesick especially had his moments, even cried. No, we lived in excellent conditions, all the actors rented an apartment. Worried about other people around a lot, but you never know. Really missed family. In these moments ask yourself a question: “Why here snooping?” Sometimes even wanted to quit and leave. But over time, the friends there, the ability to fly home whenever you want. Can’t say that I stand here on my feet. But after starring in the Comedy “Bitterly” has become more work samples. Now she rented an apartment, thinking of your own housing. Now I understand that I fell in love with, but still my Motherland is Perm.

Can inflate out of molehills. Maybe I give the impression of a strong man, but sometimes can be sad in American cinema with tears, snot and wailing out of nowhere. No problem, but will come up and blow it out of proportion. Mistrust me from the Pope have inherited. Mom we have always collected. She works in the city administration, knows what I do not understand, is able to weigh in. And the Pope typical of so “flutter” like me. For example, was the situation: I have a cold, coughed and let herself scare: it’s something serious, I probably have cancer. Call elder sister, she works on an ambulance and shouted: “Jack, I’m dying!” Laughs and says: “yesterday You just blew. Valya, don’t be stupid, go see a doctor”. Go and find nothing. But like myself was able to cheat! Actually, I’m the kind of person that while getting no rest. In my opinion, if you’re sad, you don’t need to hoard emotions, you need to take and good to mourn or switch to call native, to change the situation. Then in February, missed work, and got a friend who spent six months travelling around Asia, summoned to the Philippines. Instantly bought tickets. And the flights are mad: on the same plane for five hours, then transplant and nine flying, then another hour on the third plane. Only way I got it: I know in English one phrase – “Save my life (save my life) and if I get lost, I can’t find it. When I realized that is completely left to itself, immediately gathered. So in my heart I know, what difficulties are not afraid, and more sigh.

The figure should not interfere with personal life. My looks have always been quieter. I think if you’re comfortable, that’s your business, period. But when the figure interfere in your personal life, work, has confidence, it is necessary to make adjustments. And, of course, always need to remember about health. I started going to the gym, to dance. Recently read that to do it every day 6 thousand steps is insanely useful. Used to love to walk and now even more fun running laps through the city center. But the diet is not sitting. Want tasty? Eat and will not cry himself to blame. People that put in the mouth a piece of cake with the words “I’m fat, why eat the whole thing”, I want to hit! I really don’t like doing – doing and moan and shake the air. I do not preach a healthy lifestyle, but I think that it is not necessary all the time to absorb rinds fried in oil. I want to live longer, right? So watch out for them. To me it’s all a joy. Love to do a manicure, walk in beauty. Not for anyone, but for myself it’s nice to be well-groomed and beautiful. Began to notice that if you had come to the shop and probably would have bought the pants, now: “Oh, what a beautiful dress!” Wear short skirts. Dresses very different. I’m a girl, and I like it.

There is a longing for the man? All will be well. Of course, I get asked questions about marriage, kids, especially when I come home in Vereshchagino. Relatives are worried, they can understand. When asked about the family, the answer is: “don’t worry, it will, but not now.” I can only say one thing: all the time. Alas, in our country there is a certain longing for the man. How I know the beautiful young girls who are worried that they are not married. Perhaps, when in a woman’s life happen some problems, she begins to think: I’m alone, I’m old. My parents many years together, naturally, they ask: “Valenica, what?” Nothing yet! I’m not married, not close to a strong male shoulder, but the attention of the opposite sex are not deprived and I feel like a whole person. I know for sure I’ll be fine, just cannot help it. What should be my man? Especially interesting, I’m fascinated. The second precondition – a sense of humour, and a honesty and kindness. About the appearance I can say that we all like pretty neat people. And, of course, every woman wants most as a workhorse to work from morning till night, and to save pennies, and material prosperity. But for me, the choice of companion is not the defining factor. If a man has a favorite job and money is cool, let’s spend it together, I’ll help. Empty pocket? We can go to a brighter future.

In the head a maximum of 22, and I’m happy. I have no purpose to earn all the money in the world or urgently to give birth. What’s huge is when it comes naturally, spontaneously and harmoniously, then you’re a lucky man. I generally never plan anything that may be bad, but on the other hand… I don’t know when young people are beginning to talk about retirement! Recently met with friends in Vladimir, and then they about the pension reform, let’s talk. I’m laughing so hard. Said, “Guys, we will live or not?” Of course, it is necessary to take care of tomorrow, but that so! Or sisters only child was born, and she already thought about some kind of school for him… that’s what I eat for Breakfast – you know, oatmeal porridge, and how the rest of the day I have no idea. My mother always said, “Val, well, you’re nearly 30 years old, calm down already! You sound like a teenager.” When this year’s approaching birthday, inside chicola: I’m 28 years old! Sad and call my sister, telling about his “trouble”, Jack replies, “You do this to me now? I’m five years older! Shut up.” All the sadness evaporated. In my head I max 22 years old, and I am pleased with how they went. There are problems, but my life is interesting. The main thing is not to lose optimism and not become angry, and everything else necessarily will.

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