Valentina Malyavina broke the silence, being in a nursing home

Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых Career one of the most beautiful Soviet Actresses went downhill after she was suspected of murder of the civil husband of Stanislav Zhdanko. Valentina Malyavina does not communicate with journalists, but recently she decided to interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.
Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых

76-year-old Valentina Malyavina, the star of movies “Ivanovo childhood” and “the King stag”, is reclusive and doesn’t do interviews. However, for the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” the celebrity made an exception.

For 15 years, the actress lives in a boarding house for the elderly. A movie star is hard of hearing and has vision problems. Andrey Malakhov visited Valentina Alexandrovna and congratulated her on the new year holidays. The presenter gave Malvinas a voice recorder so she was able to implement his plan to write his book. The actress thanked the journalist for its attentions. In recognition of Valentina Alexandrovna, she enjoys the beginning of 2018.

Behind a famous actress – a treatment for addiction to alcohol, loss of children, divorce and murder. Conversing with Andrey Malakhov, Malyavina admitted that he’s worried about ex-husband Alexander zbrueva.

“I do appreciate talent, and then the mind. I love talented people. Away from them, because it was… I dreamt of Alexander Zbruev, I am very worried about how he feels,” said the artist.
Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых

Speaking about whether she regrets about the absence of children together with Zbrueva, Malyavina refused to answer. “This is a very difficult topic. I wanted a baby, but it didn’t. Apparently, I am so inspired from above to suffer, that is nobody”, – said Valentina.

In 1978, the year killed the civil husband of actress Stanislav Zhdanko. The man died from a blow with a kitchen knife in the chest. Malyavin suspected in the murder of the chosen one. First, the case was closed, but a few years later Valentina Alexandrovna was found guilty and sent to prison. In 1988, a celebrity was released under the Amnesty. She Malyavina denied any involvement in the death of Zhdanko. She claimed that he stabbed in a state of mental disorder. Actor Vladimir Dolinsky, who made guest appearance on the TV show of Andrei Malakhov, believes that the incident is the result of tragic circumstances.

Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых“Until now, nobody really knows how it was. It was no murder, but some kind of will of God. Just got game. (…) It hurts me to look at it today, I still remember that Currencies. I think all the guys in our class were in love with her, she was an unattainable star, the wife of Vadim”, – said the actor.
Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых

Malyavina admitted that it is very difficult to remember deceased civilian husband. On the question of whether it was true love, the star did not respond.

“I have a legendary life, extraordinary. 17 countries, festivals. And suddenly the prison. It’s all unusual. The people [in prison] wants to live, so many laughs, oddly enough, – says Valentina. – I was out. I lectured on literature. And then the boss asked me to do something on stage. (…) When I was released, was at the tomb of the Stas once. It was all very painful. Stas didn’t let me down, he let himself down. He would live, but it is not. I don’t criticize the Stas due to the fact that he was in prison. So I was going to see what the underworld. I believe in God, in fate. How can it be a shame if treat it seriously?”
Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых

Malyavina grew up in a prosperous family, her father was a Colonel. Since childhood the actress is in no need of, but at some point, her life went downhill.

Валентина Малявина прервала молчание, находясь в доме престарелых“It’s hard to say what alcohol. Drugs are scary, and the alcohol invigorates people. That’s when becoming attached to it, it’s bad. My current situation is that I’m blind here, I’m not surprised,” says the artist.

At the end of the program Andrey Malakhov asked Valentina Malyavina the classic question Vladimir Pozner about what she will say to God, if you find yourself before God. “I must be silent. I would like to know what he will say. I was happy grandparents, they believed in God, and to me it conveys. Without God to live? I read Dostoevsky that if God does not exist, it is necessary to invent him. Then it is easier will live”, – said the actress.

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