Valentin Yudashkin made for Anita Tsoy hanbok

Валентин Юдашкин сшил для Аниты Цой ханбок The singer will appear in a dress from a couturier at a solo concert in Crocus City Hall on October 27. Now, the actress rehearsing a production of it to be perfect. Anita Tsoy is preparing a Grand show for all their fans.

      Валентин Юдашкин сшил для Аниты Цой ханбок

      His new show program “10I20” Anita Tsoy will show to the Metropolitan audience on the 27th of October in the concert hall Crocus City Hall. In recognition of the singer, who came expecting some surprises that will not leave them indifferent. In one of the rooms on the stage will be dragon, Hero.

      “I have long wanted to see this dragon became a part of my show – confessed Anita. – Hero protects me from all troubles and gives energy for the performance. It was produced in Australia for three months. It is fully animated. The growth of the Hero is six meters and a wingspan of seven and a half. Immediately after the speech in Moscow, the Hero will travel to a hundred cities of Russia. In one of the rooms I’ll even ride it – it will be very spectacular!”

      Валентин Юдашкин сшил для Аниты Цой ханбок

      Another spectacular accent of the concert will be her exit in an unusual hanbok from Valentin Yudashkin.

      “This is the Korean national costume, – says Anita. – It is made in the old Paris Studio. 7500 suit studded with Swarovski crystals”.

      “The idea to sew a kimono was born in Anita’s conversation with Valentine, – said the “StarHit” technologist Roman Band . Anita wanted her concert began with the room in which she will appear before the audience in a fantastic way of ancient Korean Empress. Also in this outfit Anita resembles a porcelain figurine. Prevalence of white color in the kimono symbolises purity and freedom. The main character of this outfit is from the peony, which is the prototype of the accomplished dreams. Kimono was sewn for 60 days in the renowned Parisian Atelier, specializing in the production of suit in the style of the middle ages. When working on a outfit has been used more than four thousand stone – gray, and antique diamonds.”

      Валентин Юдашкин сшил для Аниты Цой ханбок

      Computerized pion, where the singer will perform one of the songs, also destined for the admiration of the audience. “It is a flower that fills our show magical powers. It rotates and gives what is happening on stage, the veil of magic and unreality. People who come to our show, noted that after visiting the “10I20″ all their dreams come true!” – said Anita.