Valentin Smirnitsky can not come to terms with family tragedy

Валентин Смирнитский не может смириться с семейной трагедией The star of the film “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” made a Frank admission. Valentin Smirnitsky told about how many years trying to survive the death of her only son Ivan. The young man was a long time drug problem.
Валентин Смирнитский не может смириться с семейной трагедией

The hero of the new release of “Secret in a million” on NTV channel became a famous actor Valentin Smirnitsky. For some viewers many of the answers the celebrities have become a real surprise. The man frankly told about the family tragedy that is trying to survive until now – 17 years ago from the son of Ivan star. However, father at this moment was not there.

Валентин Смирнитский не может смириться с семейной трагедией“I was on tour in America. At such, long. I came to new York, settled in the hotel and in the morning the phone rang. A friend said that Ivan died. And, as it turned out, they couldn’t me two days to get through – in America did not work our relationship. When I called him the next morning and was buried,” labour recalls the actor.
Валентин Смирнитский не может смириться с семейной трагедией

Valentin admitted that the first thing I wanted to buy a ticket to Russia and you fly to say goodbye to his son, but after talking with friends I realized that this will change nothing, and time on the road to make it to the funeral, still left.

“He was 26 years old. He had a drug addiction. Last year and a half as he threw. Left, he had the girl he married. Everything calmed down, including myself. And it happened in a time when everything seems to be fine. And so I went to America, and he is to the country. Met there with some company… in Short, pricked. And died. Or overdose, or poor quality drugs”, – told the artist.

The man told that at that moment was in a state of desperation and panic. He could not recover, having learned about the loss of the only heir. The case was complicated by the fact that he was in another country and there was nothing I could do. In addition, he shared one more detail: it appears that Valentine did not recognize depending on the son. The young man lived with the second wife of the actor, which is not resolved in time to devote to the issue of the former husband.

“I was outraged that she told me when I was already a desperate situation. I had to put in some serious rehab, but she didn’t have anything to do. And then she told me. I was immersed, when he was already in a serious relationship. We have long treated him. We tried to do something,” – said Smirnitsky.