Valentin Smirnitsky blames himself for the death of his son

Валентин Смирнитский винит себя в смерти сына The actor has lost his only heir seventeen years ago. Ivan smirnitskii for a long time suffered from drug addiction. Valentin Georgievich was trying to save his son, but the young man died of an overdose, when the famous dad was on the road.
Валентин Смирнитский винит себя в смерти сына

In the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” came people’s artist, one of the team of the famous Musketeers Valentin Smirnitsky. The actor told the host transfer Boris Korchevnikov about failed marriages, alcohol addiction and why I couldn’t save the only heir of Ivan. Son of the star died at the age of 27 years.

National love Valentin Georgievich earned after reaching the USSR of the picture, “D’artagnan and three Musketeers”. In 1978, the Director of the film George jungvald-Hilkevich has invited young Smirnitskii on the role of Porthos in the musical telefilm, which has proved extremely popular with the audience…

Valentin Smirnitsky was married four times. The first wife of a movie star was Lyudmila Pashkova. The artist became acquainted with a young actress in drama school, that marriage can be called a student. Soon, the young people broke up. According to Smirnitsky, they were both too ambitious and did not want to concede each other in the relationship.

The second time the actor married the translator Irina Kovalenko. The actor admitted that the woman he was attracted adulthood and maturity.

“She was different. We met Irina through my friends in the Bohemian environment, through artists. Lived for more than ten years. She already had a daughter Dasha, she was quite small, but somehow very well for me to react,” – says the artist.
Валентин Смирнитский винит себя в смерти сына

In Alliance with Irina the actor was born the son of Ivan. But the happy family life of the artist collapsed overnight – Kovalenko changed Smirnitskii. About it the actor said Dasha.

“We with Irina began rubbing of husband and wife, men and women. Apparently a little bit fed up with each other. Although at this time we have a grown son, but he lived with one grandmother or the other. In General, all ended in divorce. We are pushing each other to take this step,” admitted Valentin Georgievich.

The actor left the second wife’s apartment and went to live in a theatrical hostel. Smirnitskii helped his former wife and son Ivan. As the artist admitted, the heir grew into a very capable boy, engaged in sports, with particular success achieved in swimming. Growing up, Ivan tried drugs and couldn’t stop.

“My son lived without me and died without me. I talked a lot about this in an interview. Everything is constantly touched upon this topic. I understand that it will not pass. When I found out about his addiction, actively involved to help Ivan. And the fact that he died without me… This is the case, this incident”, – told the artist.

According to the actor, he was able to help his son at the beginning of his illness. Ivan quit taking banned substances, but in the short term.

By the time smirnitskii married for the third time. Wife of the artist became the art critic Elena shaporina. The woman also helped the son of actor to get rid of severe dependence.

“Vanya lived with her at the cottage with us. We tried to do everything I could” – sadly says the people’s artist.

Valentin Georgievich thought that cured the son completely. The actor flew to America with concerts. Ivan snapped during a party and died of an overdose.

“We were in Chicago, and from there moved to new York, I tried to call half a day or two to tell about his death. I came to Manhattan, we had a hotel there. Remember, walked into the room, began to shave, I called my friend, said that the son was not”.

Buried Ivan artist friends. The father did not have time to attend the ceremony of farewell with his son. After the death of the only heir, the relationship of the actor with the third wife Elena broke up. “I had to behave differently, be more attentive, caring. I blame myself still,” – said the actor.

Later smirnitskii addicted to alcohol.

“Alcoholism is a serious psychological disorder. Man tries to remove stress. When it goes into the disease, you don’t notice. But at some point I moved. I went into treatment,” said the artist.

Fourth wife of people’s artist was the Deputy Director of one of the capital’s theaters Lydia Ryabtseva. Is it Valentin Georgievich found happiness. In an interview with the couple repeatedly described their relationship as warm and quivering. However, children Smirnitsky doesn’t want afraid that will not be able to educate them because of their age.